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30 Rock

Sketch-comedy show head writer Liz Lemon juggles the needs of self-obsessed celebrities, an arrogant boss, and the show's sensitive writing staff. Can she manage the unmanageable so the show can go on?

30 Rock
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    • Season 1, Episode 1

    PGC Head comedy writer Liz Lemon's world is turned upside down when brash new network executive Jack Donaghy interferes with her show, forcing her to add a wild and unpredictable movie star to the cast.

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      • Season 7, Episode 1

      PGSC In order to gain control of the network, Jack comes up with a scheme that includes creating terrible new programming and stretching the TGS writers too thin.

      • Season 7, Episode 2

      PGSC Jack finds himself torn between business and politics while Liz discovers a new way to spice up her love life.

      • Season 7, Episode 3

      PGSC Liz has her hands full with both her stars as she tries to protect Jenna from some bad press and clashes with Tracy over an offensive tweet. Meanwhile, Jack tests out a new dating technique.

      • Season 7, Episode 4

      PGSC Liz and Jack find themselves in a political standoff while Jenna's devoted fan base causes problems at TGS.

      • Season 7, Episode 5

      PGSC Election day fever hits TGS as Liz and Jack go head-to-head to win over Jenna and her political influence.

      • Season 7, Episode 6

      PGSC Liz gets symbolically important foot surgery while Jack seeks revenge after Tracy portrays him as a villain in his new movie.

      • Season 7, Episode 7

      PGSC Liz and Criss take a big step, while Tracy deals with news of an unforeseen medical condition.

      • Season 7, Episode 8

      PGSC Jenna is determined to ruin Liz's award ceremony by upstaging her. Meanwhile, Jack devises an elaborate plan to avoid disappointing his mother.

      • Season 7, Episode 9

      PGSC Jack recruits rival Devon Banks as his ally in an elaborate plan to discredit teenage nemesis and future KableTown CEO, Kaylie Hooper. Guest starring Octavia Spencer and Megan Mullally.

      • Season 7, Episode 10

      PGSC Jack encourages Liz to be spontaneous and accompany him on a trip to Florida where they uncover a shocking secret about his mother. In Liz's absence, Tracy and Jenna assume responsibility for TGS, with disastrous results for Kenneth.

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