Simon Bridges calls on Government to quarantine, test everyone still arriving into NZ

Simon Bridges wants to see New Zealand follow the likes of Australia when it comes to quarantining and testing for coronavirus at the border.

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The National leader told TVNZ1's Breakfast everyone arriving into the country should be quarantined and tested for Covid-19. Source: Breakfast

At present, anyone arriving into an international airport is triaged, and if they display symptoms they are then quarantined. Those without symptoms are sent home to join the rest of the country in isolation.  

The National leader is the chair of the new parliamentary committee reviewing how Government is responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

Mr Bridges told TVNZ1’s Breakfast a big part of the committee’s first meeting yesterday focused on quarantining and testing people at the border who are still arriving into New Zealand.

"That was probably half an hour, 40 minutes of our committee yesterday," said Mr Bridges. 

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The Police Commissioner said anyone who arrives with symptoms will be quarantined. Source: 1 NEWS

"To me, this is about quarantining people who come in at the border, actually testing them all."

The Opposition Leader said he has been "constructively" grilling the Health Minister and Ashley Bloomfield on the topic.

"If we’re in lockdown, if their modelling shows ... there could be 14,000 fatalities on worst case scenarios, surely we should do the stuff that others are doing that we know would work," said Mr Bridges.

"To me, that is proper quarantining by the Government, testing each of those people coming in. It’s not big numbers coming in ... We know they’re disproportionately the folk who have Covid-19, so I say quarantine and test them.

Simon Bridges says his role amid coronavirus lockdown will be to 'constructively' ask 'hard questions'

"We’ll keep pushing that with the ministers and the officials," said Mr Bridges.