What Aucklanders can and can't do outside under new rules

Auckland's new slightly-relaxed restrictions kick in on Tuesday night at 11:59pm, with some confusion about what exactly people are allowed to do.

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From 11:59pm tonight the new Level 3 rules come into place. Source: 1 NEWS

1News has compiled a list of the new activities available to Aucklanders, listed below.

Two households can meet outside, with a maximum of 10 people allowed. Protocols like mask-wearing and physical distancing remain, meaning no hugging.

But there's no limit on the number of gatherings allowed each day, so you can meet a group in the morning, another in the afternoon, and another in the evening.

There are also no limits on travel within the Auckland boundaries, so you can go from Bombay to Brown's Bay, and beyond.

Cockle Bay Beach Source:

Recreational activities such as fishing, sailing and hunting return, as does group exercise like yoga, bowls and crossfit. However, these activities are still limited to 10 people from two households.

The golden rule is to keep it outside as it's better ventilated. You can meet outside someone's house, but you can't walk through their house to get to their backyard.

If the weather turns, you can't take it inside, and while public toilets will be open, you can't use the toilet in someone else's house.

These rules are just phase one of three and they kick in at 11.59pm on Tuesday. The rules will be reviewed each Monday by the Government before any decisions are made to ease restrictions further.